Upcoming Leagues for Summer 2014

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A-League = very competitive
B-League = semi-competitive/recreational
                           SUNDAYS                                                        MONDAYS         
                 Softball A-League                      Flag Football - 5 Mississippi Rush A-League  
                 Softball B-League                      Flag Football - 5 Mississippi Rush B-League 
                Basketball A-League(5v5)                 Flag Football - 7 Yard Rush A-League 
               Basketball B-League(4v4)                  Flag Football - 7 Yard Rush B-League
                       TUESDAYS                                                THURSDAYS
              Kickball A-League                                        Soccer A-League 
              Kickball B-League                                        Soccer B-League
                                                                        Beach Volleyball 

                    Cornhole and more coming soon!


* ZERO processing fees or taxes charged for online payments.

* Fees apply to registrations AND payments made by each deadline, as follows:

- Early Bird Discount: register AND pay by May 2
- Regular Rate: register AND pay by May 31 (also applies to unpaid Early Bird Registrations)
- Late Fee: any registration and/or payment on or after June 1 (also applies to any unpaid registration)

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