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A-League = Competitive
B-League = Semi-Competitive/Recreational
C-League = Recreational

2015 SUMMER:  

SUNDAYS  (beginning May 31)    
Softball: A-League                                             Basketball: A-League (5v5)
Softball: B-League - BaySix Division             Basketball B-League (4v4)
Softball: B-League - BaDa Wings Division   


MONDAYS (beginning June 1)     

Flag Football - 5 Mississippi Rush A-League

Flag Football - 5 Mississippi Rush B-League

TUESDAYS (beginning June 2)


Outdoor Cornhole (beginning June 10)

THURSDAYS (beginning June 4)


We started this new program during spring registration and had a lot of fun giving away free stuff
to our members!  We plan to continue this for the summer registration session.  The earlier you
register, the more chances you have to win, plus the prizes start at a higher value and decrease
the longer you wait! And as always, you get discounts for early-bird registration and avoid fees
for registering late!  With the exception of the opening day winner, which will be announced the
following week, all winners will be announced on Friday...so be on the lookout for our Freebie
Friday updates!  Below is the tentative schedule of giveaways. Prizes may be added or modified as
we acquire more goodies from our sponsors and wherever we can find them!

Register AND Pay on Opening Day (April 10) - Enter Drawing for a Free Sport AND Free Classic Membership! 
(minimum 50 registrations needed to hold drawing) 

Register AND Pay April 11-April 30 - Enter weekly drawing for a Free Sport!

Register AND Pay May 1-14 - Enter weekly drawing for 1/2-price Sport!

Register AND Pay May 15-28 - Enter weekly drawing for Free Classic Membership!

* No processing fees or taxes charged for online payments.
* Fees apply to registrations AND payments made by each deadline, as follows:
- Early-Bird Rate: register AND pay by April 30 
- Regular Rate: register AND pay by May 31 

- Late Fee: any registration and/or payment on or after June 1 (also applies to any unpaid registration)

* Membership is required to participate in our leagues. Click on Membership in the menu to see the various options or start with our most popular, the Classic Membership.  This is an ANNUAL fee (NOT per sport) that makes you eligible to register for as many sports as you'd like for FOUR consecutive seasons!

* As a BONUS, Members receive discount deals at local restaurants and merchants. Click on Discounts for more info!

Ba-Da Wings
 is our sponsor bar for all sports and the owner will buy your team a PITCHER OF BEER for every 4 players that come in uniform after games!  Winning teams get a celebratory pitcher; losing teams get a consolation pitcher...EVERYONE GETS FREE BEER!!!

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